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Welcome to NatureWear Organics, an eco-boutique dedicated to making it simple for you to find quality, stylish, earth friendly clothing. When you shop at our organic clothing store you won't need to read the fine print to know that every item you see was chosen with your health, the environment, and social justice in mind. Every item we stock is hand picked. Every manufacturer is evaluated to ensure that their practices are acceptable to our mission. At NatureWear Organics you will never find clothing made in a sweatshop, you will never find conventionally grown cotton. What you will find is beautiful clothing made with respect for the earth and its inhabitants and soft strong fabrics made from organic cotton, hemp, and soy. Take a look around and see what the green buzz is all about!

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Does it really matter if my clothing is organic?

Perhaps we're biased, but our answer is a resounding, Yes. Why? Because an organic way of life is necessary to sustaining our earth. Whether it's the food we eat or the clothes we wear, organic is the only way to honor ourselves, our children and our planet. Cotton production accounts for 25% of the insecticide use in the world. Everytime that you opt to buy organic clothes instead of clothing made with conventionally grown cotton, you help to keep these dangerous chemicals out of our soil and water supplies. You help to protect the cotton farmers, their workers and their neighbors from respiratory and surface exposure to these poisons. And in turn, you support the farmers who make the effort everyday to treat the earth with care and respect.
At NatureWear Organics you will find an array of options in organic clothing. Choose from hemp clothes, bags and wallets, organic cotton clothes, and soy apparel.

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Did you ever wonder how we manage to bring you such great organic clothing sales...

NatureWear Organics is an eco boutique specializing in organic clothes. We know the best brands of organic clothing. Our selection of organic clothes constantly changes. Our organic clothing sales constantly change as well, but you will always find something on sale! We are always on the lookout for savings when purchasing our organic clothes, and we always pass those savings onto you in the form of great organic clothing sales with deep discounts! If you have shopped for organic clothes before you know how hard it can be to find low prices and savings. We work hard to make sure that when you shop at NatureWear Organics you will find great selection, great clearance and sales, and great organic clothes. If you would like us to send you special coupons and notify you of upcoming sales on organic clothes be sure to subscribe to our newsletter.

Whether you are looking for men's, women's, or kid's organic clothes, NatureWear Organics is your organic clothing store.

NatureWear Organics is a family owned business specializing in organic clothes. We have been slowly increasing our selection since we opened our virtual doors in 2005. We currently offer men's and women's organic clothes from Blue Canoe, Earth Creations, Ecolution hemp, Of the Earth, Maggie's Functional Organics, COTAM, Positively Organic, Ohgeez Organic, SIGG reuseable drinking bottles, Bueno Style organic cotton panties, and we are always adding something new. We have been paying particular attention to our children's organic clothing line this year, bringing you more options than ever before. Stay tuned, much of our new stock has not been added to our catalog yet. We truly appreciate the loyalty of our customers who have stuck with us while we have been slowly growing our selection of children's organic clothes. Keep checking back, we hope you won't be disappointed! If you want to keep abreast of our ever changing selection of organic clothing styles be sure to subscribe to our newsletter!

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